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Drug Demand in U.S., Drug Violence in U.S. and Mexico

The University of Texas is pulling back all students studying abroad in Monterrey, Mexico, and ending its study abroad program there until at least 2011, the Austin American-Statesman reports here.  The story goes on to note: “The move came four days after two Monterrey Tech students were killed in a gunbattle near the school. The March 19 shootings, between Mexican authorities and hitmen, rattled the campus and were followed by a memorial funeral service attended by more than 2,500, according to school officials.”

Anyone who practices criminal law along the border, and even parts further north, can attest to the harrowing state of things on our country’s border.  Border fences, Los Zetas, murders in Juarez, bribed public officials, along with the usual traffic of drugs and immigrants are all part of the daily fare of newspaper readers in these parts. Just this week, it appears a Mexican Military Helicopter may have flown over Zapata County, Texas.  The San Antonio Express-News addresses the systemic failures of Mexico here.

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