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Federal District Court Nominees Coming Soon?

Federal District Judge Royal Ferguson took senior status almost a year ago.  The United States Attorney for the Western District of Texas left his post in early 2009.  While Congress has been wrestling with the weighty issues of health care, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the financial crisis, other business has been left unattended.

Rollcall.com reports that the White House has made it known to the Senate that action is expected on its nominees, and soon.  The congressional news site reports, “According to several Senate Democrats, the late-year push by the White House on federal court nominees is part of a broader effort to highlight the use of GOP holds and other procedural delay tactics to Obama’s agenda.”  Procedural wonks can get their fill of such “inside baseball” talk here.

The nominees for local posts has been widely reported in both the Austin American-Statesman and The San Antonio Express-News.

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