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Tiger, You’ve Got Rights. Use Them.

It appears that Tiger may have driven into more than the deep rough this time.

The facts as they appear to be:

1.  Driving at 2:30 a.m. in his own driveway.   (If he lived in Texas, our Court of Criminal Appeals might call that a “suspicious place.”)

2.  His wife uses a golf club to either (a) attempt to free him from the car or (b) continue to administer the beating that caused him to leave the house in the first place.

An unknown: Whether Tiger was on prescription medication at the time he was driving, as reported by celebrity gossip websites.

This story has more criminal law implications than first meet the eye:

1.  Tiger and his right to remain silent.  The prevailing wisdom would be for Tiger to keep his mouth shut.

2.  Tiger’s right to privacy in a Hospital blood draw.  Will HIPPA protect him as it is applied in Florida?

3.  Are there any immigration problems for his wife?  Probably not.  If they were not married, however, she might be deported if convicted of Domestic Abuse.

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