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Mobile Data Devices – Breakin’ the Law

Last fall, I had an interesting conversation with a prosecutor about the definition of child pornography.  The definition of child pornography, the definition of dissemination, and the definition of receipt were at the heart of our discussion.  In that conversation, I kind of stumbled onto the notion that within two miles of where we sat, there were digital devices chock full of images that met the definition of child pornography loaded with images that met the definition of child pornography.  The catch?  The were possessed by children themselves. Would the prosecutor’s office be interested in prosecuting those individuals, most of them juveniles?

Sexting is the term used to refer to the swapping of explicit images via mobile device.  Slate.com’s Dahlia Lithwick wrote a thorough treatment of the subject that appears here.  A survey conducted by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy appears here.

Update:  CNN Story about lifetime sex offender registration for “sexting” offender.

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