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Lions laying with lambs? The ultra-conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation, is weighing in against the over-criminalization of the conduct of the the citizenry. Former Reagan Administration Attorney General, Edwin Meese says in the article,

“Our ultimate goal,” he said, “is to restore the criminal law to what it has traditionally been used for. That is, to protect the public safety and to deal with real crime – and to avoid what has occurred, which is the multiplicity of laws and regulations that carry criminal penalties which have ensnared ordinary, law-abiding citizens in the criminal process for things that nobody would anticipate are actually crimes.”

“What has happened is that a lot of special interest groups have urged Congress to attach criminal penalties to regulatory legislation to, quote, ‘show its importance.’… Therefore the criminal process is being abused when normal civil proceedings or administrative actions would suffice to protect public health and safety.”

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