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Stop! You’re on Candid Camera.

Speed cameras have popped up sporadically throughout Texas, giving the ‘Big Brother is Watching You’ saying a whole new meaning.┬áBut Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is not interested in seeing these automatic devices in Texas, and recently denied the City of Plano’s request for their police officers to use handheld laser speed guns equipped with cameras and GPS devices because of a Texas law which bans such devices. Abbott sited the Transportation Code, which prohibits the use of automated devices to gather evidence before initiating a traffic stop. (Plano was not as interested in mailing citations as gathering additional evidence during a conventional traffic stop for later use in court.)

Abbott says no.

State Representative Vicki Truitt (R-Southlake) argued that these automatic devices can’t discern extenuating circumstances, or request proof of registration from the driver. If the car’s owner is not the driver, the unaware owner could easily find himself in court for a violation that someone else caused.

Additionally, laser guns have shown ‘wild errors,’ (also used in the United Kingdom) clocking a parked car at 22 MPH and a slow-moving bicycle at 66 MPH. Reading problems seem to occur when the laser beam slips from one portion of a vehicle to another, such as from the windshield to the grill.

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