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Texas Asset Forfeiture in the News Again

There is a potential conflict brewing between prosecutors with the Texas Attorney General’s Office and local law enforcement entities over how to best seize the assets of suspected criminal masterminds profiting from wrongdoing.  A story in today’s San Antonio Express-News details legislation before the Texas Senate.  The Texas Racketeering and Corruption Act is not yet up for debate because of a rare rift among powerful law enforcement proponents, according to the news story. 

“Prosecutors are worried that a judge would freeze a suspected gang leaders’ bank account, tipping off the suspect that authorities are closing in and possibly jeopardizing a local criminal investigation.  They also are concerned that most of the money from seized bank accounts would go into a state victims’ compensation fund instead of being used locally for law enforcement.”

In other Texas Asset Forfeiture news, CNN has been following a story about a northeast Texas jurisdiction that has been sued for questionable asset forfeiture tactics. I’ve previously noted this debacle and others.  Looks like the locals will be returning plaintiff’s money.

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