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Texas Forensic Science Commission

On the heels of a recent uproar over secrecy, suppressed findings and untimely dismissals, Governor Rick Perry’s newly appointed Chair of the Texas Forensic Science Commission outlines his ideas for the Texas Forensic Science Commission here.  The Blog Grits for Breakfast, reports on a story from Texas Lawyer that the newly appointed chair, Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley, has the following ideas for the commission going forward:

  • Making investigations secret and meetings about them closed.
  • Re-education of commissioners: “Bradley says that when people act as investigators and judges, they typically should have some background in that work. Most members of the commission don’t do investigative work and need training, he says.”
  • Lengthening terms for commissioners. (No word why the governor couldn’t just reappoint if continuity is so important.)
  • Creating new rules and procedures for the commission (no detail).
  • “Clarifying” whether the commission has authority to investigate the Willingham case. (He seems unwilling to take his former boss Sen. John Whitmire’s word for it.)